CPR Revision

The EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is under revision:
The CE-marking based on European Technical Assessments (┬┤the ETA-route┬┤) remains essential to foster innovation and to maintain the competitiveness of the European fixing industry also in future. But, according to the legislative proposal, the basic documents (EADs) will no longer be considered as harmonised technical specifications! Will the member states re-introduce additional national requirements for CE marked products with EAD? Will the national approvals come back through the backdoor and de-harmonise a major part of the internal market for construction products?

” A revision of the CPR should be based on the two existing pillars of the current regulatory framework: a reliable standardization process with harmonized European standards (hEN) and an alternative approach to achieve CE-marking considering the technological dynamics regarding new products and / or applications.”

Ulrich Bourgund, CFE Chairman

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