ETAGs and EOTA Technical Reports for anchors

The following EOTA Technical Reports (TRs) have been published under the Construction Products Directive (CPD).

  • EOTA TR020 “Evaluation of Anchorages in Concrete concerning Resistance to Fire”

The following ETAGs and TRs have been superseded by EADs:

  • ETAG 001 “Metal Anchors for Use in Concrete” (Part 1: “General”, Part 2: “Torque-Controlled Expansion Anchors”, Part 3: “Undercut Anchors” and Part 4: “Deformation-Controlled Expansion Anchors”)
    • superseded by EAD 330232
  • ETAG 001 “Metal Anchors for Use in Concrete” (Part 5 “Bonded Anchors”)
    • superseded by EAD 330499
  • ETAG 014 “Plastic Anchors for ETICS”
    • superseded by EAD 330196, EOTA TR051
  • ETAG 020 “Plastic Anchors” (for use in normal weight concrete, in solid masonry materials, in hollow or perforated masonry and in autoclaved aerated concrete)
      • superseded by EAD 330284
  • ETAG 029 “Metal Injection Anchors for use in Masonry”
      • superseded by EAD 330076
  • EOTA TR018  “Assessment of torque controlled bonded anchors”
      • superseded by EAD 330499

All superseeded ETAGs and TRs are still available at as reference for valid ETAs, which have been issued based on these documents.