EADs for anchors and anchor channels

The following European Assessment Documents (EADs) and EAD Variants are already endorsed as basis for European Technical Assessments (EADs) for anchors and anchor channels:

  • EAD 330008-03-0601 “Anchor channels”
  • EAD 330011-00-0601 “Adjustable concrete screws”
  • EAD 330014-00-0601 “Metal expansion fastener for use in autoclaved aerated concrete”
  • EAD 330076-01-0604 “Metal injection anchors for use in masonry “
  • EAD 330087-01-0601 “Systems for post-installed rebar connections with mortar”
  • EAD 330196-01-0604 “Plastic anchors made of virgin or non-virgin material for fixing of external thermal insulation composite systems with rendering” (replacement¬†¬†of ETAG 014)
  • EAD 330232-01-0601 “Mechanical fasteners for use in concrete”
  • EAD 330250-00-0601 “Post-installed fasteners in concrete under fatigue cyclic loading”
  • EAD 330284-00-0604 “Plastic anchors for redundant non-structural systems in concrete and masonry” (replacement of ETAG 020)
  • EAD 330499-01-0601 “Bonded fasteners for use in concrete” (superseding EAD 330499-00-0601)
  • 330747-00-0601 “Fasteners for use in concrete for redundant non-structural systems” (replacement of ETAG 001, Part 6)

CFE experts are involved in the relevant EOTA WGs.