Design methods for anchors

The follwing documents define design methods for anchors based on the characteristic values given in the relevant ETAs:

  • EN 1992-4:2018 “Eurocode 2 – Design of concrete structures – Part 4: Design of fastenings for use in concrete”
  • ETAG 020 Annex C “Plastic anchors – Design Methods for Anchorages” (historical, for anchors with ETA according to ETAG 020 only)
  • EOTA TR045 “Design of Metal Anchors For Use In Concrete Under Seismic Actions”
  • EOTA TR053 “Recommendations for job-site tests of metal injection anchors for use in masonry”
  • EOTA TR054 “Design methods for anchorages with metal injection anchors for use in masonry”
  • EOTA TR055 “Design of fastenings based on EAD 330232-00-0601, EAD 330499-00-0601 and EAD 330747-00-06-01”
  • EOTA TR061 “Design method for fasteners in concrete under fatigue cyclic loading” (for anchors with ETA on basis of EAD 330250-00-601 only)
  • EOTA TR064 “Design of plastic anchors in concrete and masonry”
  • EOTA TR069 “Design method for anchorage of post-installed reinforcing bars (rebars) with improved bond-splitting behavior as compared to EN 1992-1-1” (for post installed rebar systems with ETA on basis of EAD 332402-00-601 only)