CFE is member of Construction Products Europe, which aims to facilitate sustainable competitive growth of the European construction products industry by promoting efficient housing and infrastructure solutions through consensus and dialogue with the European Institutions and societal stakeholders.

EOTA is the organisation of the Technical Assessment Bodies (TABs) in  European countries. EOTA develops European Assessment Documents (EADs) and keeps references to European Technical Assessments. Most of the anchor manufacturers in CFE hold at least one ETA.

CFE experts are participating in several EOTA WGs.

The certification mark of the Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer (PGM®) is the proof for the suitability of the masonry drill bits for safe anchor installation according to the ETA and to the installation instructions. This mark is granted only to manufacturers with state of the art manufacturing under use of a quality management system. The drill bits are checked yearly by skip-lot inspections of the produced drill bits by independent institutes.

Most of the manufacturers of drill bits in CFE are PGM certified.