CFE Meeting at the CEO Congress in Cannes

As part of the European Tool Commitee CEO, CFE has met on 23rd September during the CEO congress in Cannes. Main Topic was the review of the current state of the transition of ETAG 001, ETAG 014, ETAG 020 and ETAG 029 into EADs.

CFE supports that tolerances for the drill bits used for the assessment tests of anchors, shall be given also in the EADs, like this is the case in the current ETAGs. It has to be ensured, that drills bits according to the market Standard are used for the assessment tests as well as for the installation of anchors on construction site.

pgm-logo_hks41_rSuch drill bits can be easily identified by the PGM certification mark (see Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer e. V.).