CFE supports separation of EADs for different intended uses

At the CFE Meeting today (12th July 2016), theĀ  structure of the future EADs for anchors was discussed.

CFE is in favour to treat certain aspects and intended uses in separate EADs in order to keep other EADs stable in case of amendments, which concern only a special application.

Therefore, CFE proposes the following structure of the documents:

  • EAD 330232-00-0601 “MECHANICAL FASTENERS FOR USE IN CONCRETE” (use under static loads in cracked and uncracked concrete)
    EAD “Anchors for multiple use for non-structural applications” (use under static loads as redundant multiple fastening in cracked and uncracked concrete – former ETAG 001 part 6)
  • EAD “Post-installed fasteners in concrete under seismic action” (use under seismic loads in cracked concrete – draft EOTA TR 049)
  • EAD “Post-installed fasteners in concrete with fire resistance” (use under special load case fire exposure in cracked concrete)