ETAGs and EOTA Technical Reports for anchors

The following European Approval Guidelines (ETAGs) and EOTA Technical Reports (TRs) have been published under the Construction Products Directive (CPD). They remain valid as basis for ETAs (European Technical Approvals / European Technical asessments) until they will be replaced by European Assessment Documents (EADs):

  • ETAG 020 “Plastic Anchors” (for use in normal weight concrete, in solid masonry materials, in hollow or perforated masonry and in autoclaved aerated concrete)
    • will be superseded by EAD 33-0284
  • EOTA TR018  “Assessment of torque controlled bonded anchors” (superseded by EAD 330499)
  • EOTA TR020 “Evaluation of Anchorages in Concrete concerning Resistance to Fire”

The following ETAGs have been superseded by EADs:

  • ETAG 001 “Metal Anchors for Use in Concrete” (Part 1: “General”, Part 2: “Torque-Controlled Expansion Anchors”, Part 3: “Undercut Anchors” and Part 4: “Deformation-Controlled Expansion Anchors”)
    • superseded by EAD 330232-00-0601
  • ETAG 001 “Metal Anchors for Use in Concrete” (Part 5 “Bonded Anchors”)
    • superseded by EAD 33-0499
  • ETAG 014 “Plastic Anchors for ETICS”
    • superseded by EAD 330196-00-0604, EOTA TR051
  • ETAG 029 “Metal Injection Anchors for use in Masonry”
    • superseded by EAD 33-0076